We offer a number of services to help keep your firearm in tip top shape. Most services are performed in house unless otherwise required. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs and your budget.


Regular cleaning of your firearm is important to ensure proper & safe functioning, as well as maintain longevity and appearance. Not cleaning your firearm after shooting can cause long term corrosion. Putting your firearms into long term storage? We’ll perform a deep clean to ensure it’s ready to use in the future.


We perform in house repairs of minor and major issues. We are knowledgeable on sourcing replacement parts and will work with your to get your firearm working again!


Ensure your firearm is compliant with the most recent legislation. We’re knowledgeable with current regulations and can provide assistance in choosing a solution that is right for you.


Having difficulty finding that hard to find firearm, or looking for a new one that you might not be able to find? We have a wide depth of knowledge and resources to bring in that one gun you just haven’t been able to find.